Wired Thoughts - Author
Wired Thoughts – Author


I was born in Huddersfield town and raised in a council estate, I grew up in a single parent family. My mum was a workaholic and my dad had left by the time I soiled my first nappy. Most of the jobs I had were unskilled, I was always trying to catch a break but it never happened. I thought it was all over for me but I guess I was given a second chance.

I am Joe Bloggs. All I did was pick up a pen and write what felt natural to me. I wrote about life and it’s many different aspects, I’d like to say that it was all orchestrated and that I knew what I was doing, but the truth is I didn’t!

There was no master plan, no formula, no nothing, but somehow the pieces all fell into place. In December 2012 I started writing and after years of trying to find something I could do I finally got it.

Wired Thoughts is my debut book and I am extremely proud of it. I am deeply touched and overwhelmed by all the feedback and countless messages I have received from readers all over the world.

This experience has shown me what you can gain from the power of dreams, belief and just never giving up on yourself!

Thank you for everything and may you all find your hearts path x

D R Dixon